UFS910 Enigma2 New Generation Image from PKT team

Enigma2 OpenSource Project GIT Duckbox SH4-612 POINT mod SVN-414 New Generation Image

Image is designed for installation on the flash drive or hard disk SATA

Posted by sh4 Duckbox Team:

- No sound bug is fixed in zap
- Fixed "multi-click" button TXT Bug
- Fix the config menu, teletext
- Fix Teletext zoom modus
- Fix HD DVB Subtitle Scale
- Enable wireless lan support ufs910
- Fix memory allocation al. Srt subtitle
- Fix starting SubtitleThread
- Fix epgcache GS
- Fix for stopping a player eof
- Ts optimize buffer boards for 7100
- Fix ac3 audio tone
- Fix crash witch mp3 playback

Posted by POINT:

- New default skin POINT Silver HD
- Update to version 2010-03-31 enigmy2
- Updated Polish translations
- Update Picon
- Update of channel list 10-04-2010
- Amendment to mbox'a EmuCamInfo - full name of the provider
- Update InfoCenter
- New plugins: Dream Explorer 6.2, BPBrowser, AutoResolution
- Disable Downmix AC3 - DD5.1 and DTS works correctly
- A separate menu to download plugins from the server
- New plugin: Dreambox Client 0.3.28 Supply Project - Special thanks to the author @ areq dvhk [plugin allows you to download subtitles Polish and automatic conversion to srt format. Subtitles for download by clicking TEXT prior selection of the corresponding movie in the browser DreamExplorer]
- Many other modifications

Important changes to the current image:
- AC3 DD5.1 works correctly for all the Polish, Italian and Scandinavian HD channels
- Working path DTS formats MKV, x264, etc.
- Works DVB-Subtitle
- Stable playback mkv and x264
- Removed the problem of loss of sound
- Stable work TimeShift