NOVA CY (Hotbird 13 ° E) Fausto and newcamd with the VU + Duo


- A PC that constantly mitläuft
- Dbox2 / Dreambox / q One-Box / VU + duo with a functioning network
- Diablo Key bin
- Fausto 1:43


1st Fausto 1:43 install

2nd Fausto start

3rd Language select (Settings-Language German.sil)
---> Settings -> Language -> German.sil click -> Open

4th Fausto Emulator (Welkugel enlarge)

5th current KEYS.BIN Shop (always best to copy the root directory Fausto, they can be found quickly)
---> Tools -> Emulator -> indicate there under the tab "Monitor" the appropriate path to KEYS.BIN

5th then open under the tabs "Server" -> "Configuration" FaustoServers.cfg

The contents of this file, I've cleared and re-fed with my own data:


N: 6002 0102030405060708091011121314 0604/000001 () 

U: dummy dummyZur Definition: = IP address of the PC
6002 = one in the router shared TCP Port> different port as Canal Digitaal
0604 = Channel ID NOVA CY
00000 = provider used by NOVA CY
U: dummy dummy = User & Pass indiscriminately used for server access to Fausto

7th CCcam.cfg on the Edit Box


N: 6002 dummy dummy 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 256
Wobei the parameters are the same here as in the FaustoServers.cfg. The declaration of the 256 is optional. So you can bring in the newly created "virtual" card in a sharing network.

8th Restart Manager (Manager tab, press the Load, then click Start)

Among clients you can see whether you are connected, if it is not the same, just in hiss broadcasters can switch back and forth, it takes a few seconds.