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Thread: Bash Script AzEdit - Azbox HD

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    Bash Script AzEdit - Azbox HD

    Bash Script AzEdit

    The script does the following tasks:
    Samba install and configure including Auto Start
    Host name or netbios name change
    Network directories mount (mount) incl Startup
    Network directories unmount (umount)
    Complete backup of / DISK2 and / plug-ins on USB flash drive or the network
    Alias set up for AzEdit
    I have the script function to spend tested on my box. Take over however no guarantee for the use.
    When I have time I will be writing even a little training.
    To use the following to say: extract
    To box with the FTP server to connect.
    Then the script in / DISK2 copy.
    Login using Telnet or Putty to the box and run the script
    MMP [~] $ sh / DISK2/
    Version 1.2:

    Playlist converter
    Music Albums Edit
    Backspace or delete key can now be used
    Execution of the functions reviewed
    English menus and explanations added
    Help text can be turned off
    Mount Nfs protocol with added
    Firmwareseitiges prevent reset from the host name
    Added security by false entries
    Startup scripts revised
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