MGM Channel debuts in South Africa

By Robert Briel
April 14, 2010 07.50 UK

MIPTV 2010 – CANNES. The MGM Channel has entered into a deal with On Digital Media (ODM) to launch the service in South Africa on the basic tier of its new pay-TV satellite platform, Top-TV. The announcement was made today by Bruce Tuchman, president, MGM Worldwide Networks, and Vino Govender, CEO of ODM.

While The MGM Channel is widely available in markets across sub-Saharan and North Africa, securing the launch agreement on Top-TV represents the first time the lion will roar in South Africa on its own channel.

MGM Worldwide Networks now offers nearly two dozen separate branded networks broadcasting in over two dozen languages and reaching markets across every inhabited continent, including channels in both SD and HD, the most recent of which (MGM HD) launched just a few months ago in partnership with Sky in the UK.

In South Africa, the MGM Channel joins the launch lineup of Top-TV, which will debut to consumers on May 1, 2010.

ODM will launch Top-TV as South Africa’s second pay satellite TV and the service will offer a total of 55 channels, with 25 in its basic offering.

“This is an exciting launch for The MGM Channel to be part of since consumers will now have more choice at affordable prices at the hands of their remote controls,” said Tuchman in a statement. “MGM is proud to be part of this exciting move as we plan to entertain viewers with a special, hand-picked selection of some of the greatest movies ever produced in Hollywood with top stars, directors and writers. We are also very pleased to add South Africa to our extensive and still growing global footprint.”

Added Govender of ODM: “We are pleased to offer our new subscribers the ability to enjoy the MGM brand of movies with great blockbuster titles and renowned classics alike. As we build out our channels, we believe that The MGM Channel will be a valuable proposition in attracting new subscribers.”