Miller: pay is the answer

By Robert Briel
April 14, 2010 08.47 UK

MIPTV 2010 – CANNES. There is not just enough advertising money around to fund all the video content that is available, Jonathan Miller, CEO of News Corp’s Digital Media Group, told the audience during his keynote.

“This is the year the terms of trade will be determined. That is going to relate to everyone’s business models. There isn’t enough advertising money to support what we all want to see,” he said – in line with Rupert Murdoch’s view online content should be paid.

Murdoch will be introducing payment for a number of his online news site, but that will become a difficult case as much of the news is available freely across the web. It could be different with premium videos, that can be offered on an exclusive basis – if it is not pirated.

Murdoch’s MySpace might be the first to introduce a subscription model for music – but here it has to compete with existing pay music services including iTunes.