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Thread: DDdemon_dm7000s_new revision_14/04/2010

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    DDdemon_dm7000s_new revision_14/04/2010

    Genuine image with the Last CVS

    Demonisat:-DDdemon_dm7000s_new revision_14/04/2010

    DMoNiS@T DVLoPR T@M:

    Creator & Codes:- RoCKYDeViL
    Betatester 500/7000:- ANTRAG
    Skins Developer:- RRotan
    Pictures Developer:- SPIDERMAN97


    --with-webif=expert \

    --with-epg=private \

    --with-mhw-epg=yes \

    --with-flashtool=expert \

    --with-reiserfs=no \

    --with-ext-flashtool=yes \



    --with-New Start Enigma



    Emu: --CCcam 2.0.11 + Oscam--> inside!!! (start with image)


    New script init (special thanks for Antrag)


    added new script plugins :
    (from the blue panel

    you choose--->

    "Addons"(script plugins renamed):

    ---> demonisatkeys_download
    ---> DDsoftcam_download (new 26/06/2009)
    ---> settings_Hotb (VHANNIBAl settings mono feed)
    ---> settings_Dual (VHANNIBAl settings hotbird/astra)
    ---> settings_Motor (VHANNIBAl settings multisat)
    ---> tool_ecm_info

    select the script you want and press the button "ok" of remote control.the download and the installation is very fast!!!

    when you download the settings after you press the button "ok" you wait a few seconds, the Dreambox will restart automatically in new settings

    you can add or remove scripts in "var/bin" if you have installed the image in flash or multiboot on dm7000 or in "usr/bin" if you have installed the image in multiboot on dm7020.

    Added new skin "skinbase by MX mod RGNMY"Many Thanks to Matrix and rrotan.


    added new plugin "DDsoftcam_download" - you download only a softcam!!!

    New pictures for Bild and Radio pictures by Spiderman97
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