France 24 expands coverage in North America

by Andy Sennitt.

International news broadcaster France 24 has signed a three-year deal with GlobeCast to expand coverage of its English-language channel in the United States and Canada, using the Galaxy 23 satellite. The satellite will give France 24 access to thousands of cable headends throughout North America, including up to 90% of the American cable market.

Currently available in select television markets in the United States through MhZ Worldview and on certain cable and DSL networks, France 24 is now in a position to expand its American audience to all fifty states. In Canada, France 24 has held CRTC licenses for digital broadcast of the English and French language channels since 2008 and will now consolidate its development across the country.

Featuring news and current events from a French perspective, the channel broadcasts in 3 languages (French, English and Arabic) and is owned by broadcasting group AEF.