More than 50 million BitTorrent users a day

By Robert Briel
April 15, 2010 10.20 UK

MIPTV 2010 – CANNES. New York based Jumpwire Media announced the launch of their content monitoring system called Torrent Tracker Reports. “Downloading content from the Internet is a mass-market reality,” the company claims and “Torrent Tracker Reports reveals what content is most popular online; acting as a market signal for all types of media.”

Jumpwire Media’s Deep Torrent Tracker software provides its television clients the opportunity to use this data to better understand their global audiences and monetise their content. Torrent Tracker Reports has been accumulating television user trend data for every TV show in the world since June 2008.

“Most television distribution companies see piracy as a loss instead of a gain, but we feel that piracy is a market signal that shows us where the demand is and where the opportunities are. There are more than 50 million users on BitTorrent each day and consumers are becoming their own programmers finding the content they want to watch, when they want to watch it. This trend is rapidly changing the TV environment and challenging how traditional broadcasters and advertisers go about capturing a greater market share,” said Gavin McGarry, President of Jumpwire Media, in a statement. “By identifying key user trends including geographical locators we can signal potential new markets for programming and empower media and entertainment companies to meet the needs of their audiences.”