I have searched thru Internet and various forums about taking full image backup of DM500s before upgrading its image.

Recommendations were like that:

1. Use FlashWizard to get image backup of Flash Memory. I think due to Windows 7 on my computer, FlashWizard did not work as expected and got stuck in "reading JFFS2 filesystems" stage (or a similar message).

2. Use DreamUp to get image backup. This solution requires null-modem cable and my PC does not have COM port. In fact, I can get a converter from USB to COM and use it, but it was not so comfortable to bring the PC near DM500s or vice-verse, so this is my last option.

3. To copy /dev/mtd/3 to a file as an image backup.

My question is about 3. option. Is it always the same partition to copy, i.e. /dev/mtd/3 or is it different for each installation? How can I be sure that I am getting the correct partition?

Thanks in advance.