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Thread: Cas Interface 3 and Magic module

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    Question Cas Interface 3 and Magic module

    I have cas interface 3 and magic module.
    wich files I need to flash the module to get TPS+Multivision?
    I am new in all of this! I have the manual for cas interface 3 but I don't know where I can find the files I need!


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    Cool Re: Cas Interface 3 and Magic module

    Hello Danish2005,

    Convert your MM to MR, load the MR1160.bin, and you have TP* and Multi,
    just make sure that you update the the cam daily with the AES key, which
    can easily be done by using the MR AES changer, and reload the bin file.

    For detailed info about how to do, search the forum, and other related sites,
    lots of info out there.

    Thats it, good luck


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