Enigma2 OpenSource Project GIT Duckbox SH4-661

We take this opportunity to thank TDT and all active "sh4 _duckbox_project" contributors for all their hard work and dedication.


+New Emuwatch revision, v5.0 (enable EMUwatch from EMU start/stop RSP panel menu and restart EMU)
+New RSP Share Info v3.3 (useful information on Incubus, Mgcamd, Mbox, Oscam activity)
+Incubus Info new entry in RSP panel menu (works only for CCcam servers)
+Installed settings version displayed in the Installer>Update settings menu.
+Mute active after restart, press twice the Mute button for restore audio volume
+Settings lists are updated on RSP download server, every Friday and Monday, automatically so that you can be sure all the time you benefit of latest changes. It is up to you if and when you download it.

TDT and GIT:
+ No sound bug is fixed in zap
+ Fixed "multi-click" button TXT Bug
+ Fix the config menu, teletext
+ Fix Teletext zoom modus
+ Fix HD DVB Subtitle Scale
+ Enable wireless lan support ufs910
+ Fix memory allocation al. Srt subtitle
+ Fix starting SubtitleThread
+ Fix epgcache GS
+ Fix for stopping a player eof
+ Ts optimize buffer boards for 7100
+ Fix ac3 audio tone
+ Fix crash witch mp3 playback