The Argentine Minister of Planning, Julio De Vido, announced the construction of a digital TV broadcasting (ISDBT-T) tower located in Avellaneda, a locality of Buenos Aires province. The bid for the tower construction is expected to be disclosed on May 3rd. The Minister informed that the bid specifications were being drawn up as well as other related issues were being worked out. "Avellaneda will be the national digital TV capital", the Minister forecasted.

De Vido stated that digital TV broadcastings will start "with an antenna installed in the building of the Ministry of Public Works (located on 9 de Julio Avenue, in the Capital City), but the antenna to be installed in Avellaneda, thanks to its height and infraestructura, will enable transmitters of the same quality as those found in urban centres worldwide".

"The tower will be 360 meters tall and will enable digital TV access with the highest quality level", the Minister explained. Additionally, he highlighted that the scope of such broadcastings will cover the whole Buenos Aires cone urban area (about 15 million inhabitants).