Hungarian digital penetration nears 50%

April 21, 2010

Hungary had 1.178 million digital TV subscribers at the end of February, according to data published by the country’s National Communications Council (NHH).
This was 30,000 more than a month earlier and brought raised the percentage of TV homes in the country receiving digital TV services up from the previous month’s 46.2% to 47.2%.

The NHH compiles its data from the 14 largest companies, which together account for 80-85% of the market.

Although UPC remained the leading provider of digital services, its 31.5% market share across all platforms was slightly down from the previous month’s 31.8%.

Digi was in second place with an unchanged 22.7%, while third placed Magyar Telekom (T-Home) saw its share rise from 22.2% to 22.8%.