Virgin to launch mobile TV in France
By Robert Briel
April 23, 2010

The French media authority CSA announced that a licence has been issued to Virgin and transmitter company TDF to launch a mobile TV service in the country. The move means an end to the deadlock situation of mobile TV in the country.
The move is remarkable as Virgin Mobile is a Virtual Mobile Operator with its own GSM network. Until now, there was a deadlock situation with both the mobile operators and the broadcasters unwilling to take the risk of building a dedicated network (DVB-H).

The CSA will now nominate a multiplex operator before June 8, 2010 . A total of 13 private and 3 public channels are designated to become part of the mobile offer.

Virgin Mobile in France is a brand of Omer Telecom, which operates in France under the brand names Virgin Mobile, Tele2 Mobile, Breizh Mobile and Casino Mobile. On Thursday, April 22 TDF announced the agreement with the company to roll out mobile TV in 2011.