UPC Direct will share with Canal Digital and SD programs

Central European satellite pay television UPC Direct, the DTH operator UPC, the Nordic Canal Digital platform shared by several programs in standard definition (SD). On the other transponder appears paid international programs that can be spread in Scandinavia and Central and Eastern Europe.

Attentive audience certainly noticed that the existing 10 transponder UPC Direct, which the operator of the satellite operator Telenor Satellite Broadcasting (TSBc) last summer, rented (7 + 3 new original for Focus Sat), lacking in traditional programs such as VH1 music television European program or promise Bundesliga Eurosport 2 (the newly appointed station Eurosport 2 North East Europe).

These and other programs will soon appear on the same transponder on the satellite Thor 5 in volume, which covers the entire northern, central and eastern Europe.

Technical parameters:

Satellite: Thor 5 (0.8°W)
Frequency: 11.862 GHz
Polarisation: Horizontal
SR: 28,000
FEC: 7/8
Standard: DVB-S
Modulation: QPSK

On that frequency will appear a total of seven international programs - TV news, sportoní, documentaries and music program. All of these stations can be broadcast both in Central and Eastern Europe and in the north.

planned programs:

* Al Jazeera International
* BBC World News
* Bloomberg Europe
* Eurosport 2 Bundesliga (Eurosport 2 North East)
* Sky News International
* Travel Channel
* VH1 European

Currently, the transponder is used to stop the spread of Dune I, Dune II and Dune and HD. These programs should leave the transponder - not officially broadcast here. Their official free-to-air signal is at frequency 12.341 GHz, Col. V, SR 28000, FEC 7/8 DVB-S.

UPC agreement with Canal Digital DTH brings significant cost optimization for satellite distribution of programs for both entities. In addition to the common modulation schemes in high definition (HDTV), both companies are also in conformity channels in standard definition (SD). This makes the effective capacity utilization, and appropriately manages frequencies.

Operator UPC Direct completely caught off guard by the public, while on Tuesday said that the offer included a documentary stations and Discovery HD Animal Planet HD. Under the current inventory at the official website of the UPC in the Czech menu, not yet. Are scheduled for further expansion of the program (fallClick here to enlarge). Both stations say they lack Czech localization but Animal Planet HD is available in English and Polish. Technical quality is so-called distribution - the highest possible.

HD platform will be a package for the region for CZ 149,-CZK per month include HD Television Station (mix CT1, CT2, CT4), Nova HD, Nova Sport HD, Nat Geo HD, History HD and two software innovations for DTH reception: Rush HD ESPN HD America. Furthermore, the company will offer a premium channel HBO HD (HBO content in HD).

Cooperation UPC and Canal Digital DTH can continue to deliver a series of attractive programming innovations. Position 0.8 ° W, it is popular for distribution of programs, both in standard as well as HD. UPC DTH agreement has way too complicated. Canal Digital platform is operated by the Canal Digital Group. Tu own Telenor Broadcasting Holding, which falls under the satellite operator Thor - Telenor Satellite Broadcasting (TSBc).