Kosovo journalists condemn disabling of transmitters
April 25th, 2010 - 10:57 UTC
by Andy Sennitt.

he Association of Serbian Journalists (UNS) and its regional branch in Kosovo have condemned the destruction of television and radio transmitters in Kosovo. “UNS and the Kosovo and Metohija Journalists’ Society (DNKiM) have condemned the new vandalism of the Kosovo Regulatory Agency for Telecommunications, whose workers have been destroying broadcasting equipment of the Serb radio station KOSMA,” the UNS states.

UNS adds that the equipment of five radio stations that broadcast in Serbian and have licences for working in Kosovo is located at the Beli Kamen transmitter in Brezovica. With the assistance of police, Agency workers have cut cables on the KOSMA links and destroyed a generator worth about 10,000 euros. Equipment of the Puls television station in Šilovo was also destroyed when a transmitter was blown up several months ago.

UNS and DNKiM warn the domestic and foreign public that all of the destroyed equipment belongs to the radio and television stations that have licences for broadcasting, the statement adds. The statements mentions that “UNS and DNKiM are horrified that no officials of the Serbian state institutions, international community or Kosovo government have reacted or stopped the vandalism of this organized violence against media that broadcasts Serbian-language programmes.”

(Source: B92)