Oz digital growth powers on
Written by Rose Major
Sunday, 25 April 2010 06:27

Latest results from Australia’s Digital Tracker survey show that another 7% of Australian homes switched to digital TV during the first quarter of 2010, with growth at eight percentage points in the first region set for switch-off in June.

At the end of March, 68% had converted nationwide, with the figure at 87% in Mildura/Sunraysia which will go digital only from June 30.

Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy Senator Stephen Conroy said the figures also showed 95% of Australian households were now aware of the approaching switch off of analogue television signals.

“The Digital Tracker showed positive growth in the first quarter of 2010 across all of the indicators, including awareness, understanding, attitude, intention, conversion and satisfaction with digital TV,” Senator Conroy said.

“Taking into account additional households helped through the Government’s Household Assistance Scheme and not recorded in the survey period, and those who watch digital TV channels through subscription TV, more than nine out of ten households in Mildura/Sunraysia are now digital ready,” Senator Conroy added.

Conversion to digital TV in regional South Australia, the next region to go digital-only on December 15 2010, showed strong growth as it reached 74%, up from 64% in the previous quarter.

Andy Townend, Executive Director, said the Digital Switchover Taskforce would be on the ground in Mildura/Sunraysia region working to achieve a smooth and successful transition to digital-only TV.

“We will be significantly stepping up our activities with the local community to ensure those households who haven’t switched over yet to know what they need to do before 30 June 2010,” Mr Townend said.

“This will include providing practical advice on how to switch to digital TV, dealing with local reception issues, and helping people who can’t get terrestrial digital TV reception to get access to the new satellite TV service.

“Our commitment is to help every household in the region get ready for digital TV, and people in the region will be seeing a lot of us over the next couple of months as we countdown to switching off the analogue TV signals in Mildura/Sunraysia for good,” Townend added.