MGM since May with a new look

From 1 May 2010 will be the MGM Movie Channel station completely new visual style with elements of Hollywood. The new design will operate modern and attractive appearance. Despite the upcoming changes to existing stations do not leave their classic elegance and traditional key features.

Besides a brand new, attractive design alá Hollywood MGM Channel also introduces a new, sophisticated menu system, which further enhance viewer experience and extends an important component of the communication channel with the subscriber. The new system will allow a better overview of the program offer.

"The goal is to enable the overall development of the station to extend the scope of audience and reach a younger audience without losing the interest of the target group aged 39-49 years. Changes positively influence partners and MGM station, moving the market of paid TV services, "said Vaclav Mozer, Senior Marketing & PR Manager, Chello Central Europe. The new design will also have a localized site of MGM Channel -

New visual look of the channel offers a mix of modern magic of Hollywood and the legendary MGM brand quality. Each graphical representation can now offer the audience the magic in Hollywood. Atmosphere of Hollywood spectacle evokes scenes from movies laced with a distinctive showbiz glitter and light cones emanating from the movie spotlight. Each program element is modified and supplemented typical scene: the actress waved to photographers before the actor fled police sirens, a couple dancing on the stage, etc. Since 1 May be in the new design looks "absolutely everything, even the distinctive logo of MGM, which is the famous lion, Leo. The logo has been digitally altered and will now animate in 3D.

For Web pages with graphics and layout changes. Website, however, undergo a total relaunch. Greatly improves usability for users and ease of use, which station responds to the increasing demands of audiences and their access to content across different media. The changes will be Web sites MGM still current.