CCTV-9, today officially changed its name to CCTV-News
CCTV-9, today changed its name to CCTV-NEWS, add multiple columns, and broadcast a variety of topics during the Expo, and live broadcasts.

Beijing from April 26 19 points, China Central Television ninth set of programs - a formal revision of English international channel in English news channel. The revision is to strengthen the international spread of CCTV capability One of important measures.

CCTV side said the new English news channel providing 19 hours of daily news program to news reports, supplemented by depth reports, reviews, interviews and documentaries class feature programs. Timely, accurate and comprehensive coverage of developments in China, while English language news channel will increase the scale of international news coverage, especially in Asian countries, news coverage, for overseas visitors understand the diverse world with the "Oriental perspective."

Alleged that after the revision, English-language news channel will highlight the "internationalization" of the characteristics, both in reporting practices, show patterns, or design studio, packaging and presenters style, closer to the overseas audience viewing habits.

English news channel is now in the ground in 110 countries and regions, with more than 100 million users, with Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian Channel One played four international form of CCTV multilingual international communication platform.