Ukrainian RTU and Dok-TV soon on Amos

Two New Channels of Ukraine - Ukrainian Radio Televidenie (RTU) and Dok-TV will soon start its activities. Stations take off a satellite Amos 2 (4W), transponder 22 (10.722 GHz, pol. H). The first will focus on films, television series and educational programs, and the other solely on documentary productions. At the moment it is not known whether the FTA stations will, however, possible that Dok-TV encode its signal.

RTU stands for the creation of Boris Fuksman, one of the founders of Ukraine's 1 +1 television. Fuksmana new investment is expected to cost 50 million dollars and is at the very start.

Doc-TV will be produced by Studiya "Boomer." License for satellite broadcasting has been granted by the Ukrainian counterpart KRRiTV on 10 February. The network schedule there will be documentaries of national production, the Russian and foreign, will be widened genres: literature, journalism, culture, science, education. National documents fill 72% of the total broadcasting time, for 7 hours per day shall be issued their own productions. Not less than 75% of all programs will be broadcast in Ukrainian language. Every half-hour broadcast will be a short newsletter, a daily half-hour news program.

RTU and Dok-TV will use the tp. 22 (10.722 GHz, pol. H, SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S/QPSK). Jump in space stations free to air control panels TEST 1 and TEST 2 Below their technical parameters.

V PID: 1281
A PID: 1282
PCR PID: 1281
SID: 1
PMT PID: 1280

V PID: 257
A PID: 258
PID PCR: 257
SID: 5
PMT PID: 256