Package Free-X TV without V-iaccess PC2.6

Channel Free-X TV has decided to delete the coding system Viaccess CAID PC2.6. The reason is the growing piracy threat to the system, and Viaccess PC2.6 PC3.0. Gradually, this change will also cover other channels from the package, which includes, in addition to Free-X TV also includes the Free-X TV 2, X-Dream TV, French Lover TV, Dorcel TV and XXX Xtreme (tabs Elite) Redlight Premium. For some period in the sale are the latest cards Viaccess PC4.0 (sign the card with no initial 320), so if someone did not observe the disappearance of Free-X TV, it has already entered and will not change it.

28 April 2010 vanished old Viaccess PC 2.6 Channel Free-X TV with tp. 11 (11.411 GHz, pol. H, SR: 27500, FEC: 5/6; DVB-S/QPSK). It can be assumed that a similar change will occur gradually for the remaining channels from the package soon.

If the package Free-X TV is switched off tabs Elite Provide 024400. It remains to 025100 (one can assume that time) and the 041700. It is the latter, and Viaccess PC4.0 These cards remain on the market. The old card will be disabled within a month or less.