I would like to dev an OS loader for Platinum card, so i logged ISO7816 commands between reader and PlatinumProg.
So i think that to load an OS on ATMEL whit Platinum BootLoader the first command is:
> 00 0F 00 00 00 (CLA INS P1 P2 LE)
< 90 00 (RETURN OK)

now i saw that there are some command to upload hex file of OS to card formatted with this:
> 00 01 XX YY 80 <DATA...>
< 90 00
in this case 01 is the INSTRUCTION TO WRITE FLASH AREA and XX YY is the OFFSET to write, 80 is the length of data to write and DATA is the sequence of 80 (128 Bytes) to write at the OFFSET.
The OffSet range is [72 00 - 40 00]

The last command before the RESET is
> CC 01 11 F4 00
< FC 90 00
but i have some problems with this command. Using a standard pcsc reader the card terminate the connection without response FC 90 00.

After the RESET there is another command to change the response at the ATR :
> 00 02 00 00 11 <ATRLEN><ATR BYTES>

This is a first analisys. Can you help me to understand this command ?