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Thread: Gemini2_5xx & CVS_HD_MOD_skins

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    Gemini2_5xx & CVS_HD_MOD_skins

    Update for new Gemini2 v5.00

    What's new
    - added temp info in infobar (infinity hd , blue shadow and ru infinity skins)
    - many improvements in channel selection screen:
    * added new converter with transponder info , reference, event next info for
    choosen channel in list
    * small update in and . Thanks to this we can see
    bouquet/provider/sattelites name in channelselection (where's service name) with bouquet picon and on OLed, this same for marker in our list.
    - added volumetext renderer from vali for digits in volume screen...
    - skins updated for latest cvs changes
    - added new spinner ps3 edition
    - other small changes...
    Skins are tested with latest Gemini2 v5.00 image and working good! Don't use them on older Gemini2 relases (it cause crash! ) But is't very easy and fast to adopt it to older image version...
    Thx @cooloser and @crash for new converter, graphic files and big help Augenzwinkern
    All my skins suppot SecondInfobar from @Vali ! First infobar is Lite , Second is extended ! 
    In first post also available new spinner [xbox edition] thx @Crash and ps3 edition. But first delete older spinnder from /usr/share/enigma2/skin_default/spinner then copy by ftp new. Restart gui and should be new as default smile
    Separately added two radio.mvi . If you like it just copy by ftp to /usr/share/enigma2/
    Thx zbigzbig20


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