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Thread: good site for all satalite codes

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    Thumbs down good site for all satalite codes

    Everything you need to get codes for your satalite

    Verry strange;
    why you put it on this board.

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    Re: good site for all satalite codes

    yes we know top site same as this top site

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    Re: Hey i am sorry

    Hey I am Sorry i am new on this site hope you understand. Does anyone have the codes for 490l cabo nagravision. Thanks

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    Re: Hey i am sorry

    For what do you need the codes, Imean, what receiver or do you need them for the computer

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    Re: good site for all satalite codes

    I need the codes for nagravision 4901 to get video on demand and losmundo channels i have all the other channels. But them 2 have recently gone off in the last 2 weeks ago. whats happened to them have they moved somwhere else.


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