Fire Distribution Filesystem available 03/05/2010

Working with bootloader from 25/09/2009

Release “Fire Distribution Beta” 2010.05.03


* Ticket #379: Fixed bug: Remove the version displayed in the front-panel LCD.


* Ticket #406: Fixed bug: HDD is not always recognized when attached.
* Ticket #435: Fixed bug: Crash when doing a Backup from the respective menu.
* Ticket #441: Fixed bug: Crash when choosing YPbPr in AV settings.
* Ticket #429: Fixed bug: e2 consumes a lot of CPU under certain circumstances.
* Ticket #430: Fixed bug: When recording in stand-by and turning on, the live ts was not displayed.


* Ticket #439: Enhancement: Reduce the write and file-locking traffic in the filesystem improving the access time.
* Enhancement: Boot time reduced by 3 seconds.

MD5 checksum: cd9a5a5b2eeabd4b3882f1842407d60e