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Thread: POD HD OE 1.6 Experimentale for DM500 HD

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    POD HD OE 1.6 Experimentale for DM500 HD

    POD HD OE 1.6 Experimentale for DM500HD

    For some time now, OE 1.6 images popping up everywhere, with varying degrees of success. We did not come out until this image based on the hope that OE1.6 Dream OE1.6 stabilizes the environment, but it does not seem to be the case!

    What OE 1.6?
    OE 1.6 is the name given to the environment to create images. This new version gives a more recent version of Linux and an update of some key components of an image (eg Python). There are good sides to these changes, some less good, as worries of compatibility with some plugins that may appear.

    But then everything changes?
    Yes ... and no! What you see on your TV, menus, skins, .. does not change completely. What changes are happening in the system (so you do not see it)

    Why POD HD has no number and called verison Experimental?
    The conventional process with a POD, is a phase of rigorous testing, and the output of an image. Several weeks / months later, another POD fate, and it is a day to reflash. Here things are different. We will update regularly (every few days) the DLC this POD HD 1.6 Experimental OE, according to the latest development Dream Team or the sandbox. You can decide as you upgrade to version 'of the day' by the software manager (it is not a reflash, but an upgrade online). The bright side of things is that you always have the last news, the bad is that the tests are far less rigorous than for a version of 'release' of our POD HD

    What is HD POD for me?
    If the priority is for you to have a 'thing works', but super simple reliably stay POD HD 1.1 OE 1.5. If you're more of a wish upgarder every 5 minutes, maybe this POD HD 1.6 Experimental OE will satisfy you.

    a word of Barry Allen multiboot?
    Already in a stable environment, there would have much to say against the use of a multiboot like Barry Allen, a mixture of components of the image in flash with those than you do execute 'totally'. In an environment evolving as quickly OE 1.6, we do not recommend more strongly the use of BA or multiboot in general. In any case, never mix images OE 1.5 and OE 1.6 in multiboot, you are warned!

    POD HD OE 1.6 Experimentale for DM500 HD

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    Re: POD HD OE 1.6 Experimentale for DM500 HD

    Power Of Dreams HD 1.1 OE 1.6 for DM500

    Update 05/05/2010

    - Recipes/libdca/ switch to single precision float to speedup the lib about 10-15% (thx to fold for the idea)
    - Lib / gdi / font.cpp: libfribidi call for single lines are multi-line texts to Prevent top / bottom reordering. this fixed bug # 300

    Sandbox Team:
    - Amendment of the plugin StartupToStandby: that it now includes a night mode (which you can regulate hours). Thus it is possible to configure this plugin so it does not put on standby after a restart enigma Deco during the day (you install plugins for example), but does so at night (for the EPG Rytec)


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