Romanian deployment for Harmonic ProStream

By Julian Clover
May 4, 2010 08.46 UK

ANGA Cable – Cologne. Harmonic has announced the deployment of its fully integrated IP-based delivery system by the Romanian cross platform operator AKTA TV. In a trio of announcements coinciding with the opening of ANGA Cable, Harmonic also said its processing solutions had been adopted by the Austrian Kabelsignal and announced the introduction of the world’s smallest optical node for cable networks.

Digital Cable Systems’ AKTA TV has adopted Harmonic’s IP delivery system as part of a national IP transport backbone that will deliver its cable system to remote headend across the country. Already a Harmonic customer, DCS has deployed Harmonic’s market-leading ProStream 1000 stream processing platform as well as the bNSG 9000 universal edgeQAMs for edge processing, and NMX Digital Service Manager. The package was deployed through Harmonic’s Romanian reseller Cellphone.

Kabelsignal has deployed Harmonic’s market-leading IP-based video processing solutions for its kabelDigitalTV service in Austria. Serving Lowe Saxony, the operator has been able to increase its headend capacity through ProStream. The NSG 9000 universal edgeQAM and NMX Digital Service Manager.

Harmonic’s new launch is the PWRBlazer 3142E, a compact 4×4 scalable optical node that addresses the need for a dense, cost-effective node with forward and return path flexibility.