Digi TV delay the transition to Nagravision 3 for possible logistical problems

Initial plans to abandon the obsolete codificiación Nagravision 2 on the platform of Romanian origin were truncated by the complexity of the operation to be broadcast to several countries of eastern Europe.

In fact two pay per view channels and no output from the signal a few weeks ago in Nagravision 2 so it has ceased its illegal and fraudulent vision. To these two was the expectation that the rest remain so permanently delete the old encryption.

The company RCS / RDS, which owns the satellite platform Digi TV wanted to accelerate the transition to the new coding systems Nagravision Nagravision 3 and 4 in order to eradicate piracy and in turn face tough competition that will already have UPC Direct migrated to the orbital position of 1 West of the Intelsat 10-02 and Thor satellites.

In Slovakia had even announced that the obsolete system Nagravision 2 would be off in late April.

Digi TV customers are getting smart new blue cards with the new encryption in an operation that takes place in all countries of Eastern Europe where it is distributed commercially Digi TV.

For the time is still unknown the exact date of abandonment of the old encrypted so Digi TV channels continue to be victims of piracy.