Hitron launches low cost network monitor

By Julian Clover
May 4, 2010 08.00 UK

ANGA Cable – Cologne. Hitron Technologies is premiering a low cost network monitor designed to proactively manage the quality of service being delivered to customers’ homes.

The DNP-39341is a DOCSIS-based Network Monitor, based on DVB specifications, and designed to enable operators to continuously screen the network quality. It has been build for outdoor installation, either close to subscribers or at critical places in the network where traditional quality monitoring devices cannot reach.

The Monitor can then highlight any problems in the network, enabling the operation centre to plan and schedule maintenance to ensure signal quality and distribution is maintained. It also enables the customer services centre to respond to any customer complaints more quickly and accurately, improving customer service levels.

The DNP-39341 is equipped with multiple tuners, which it uses to quickly scan the available channels on the cable. This capability provides the cable operators with early warnings of problems as they develop in the distribution network. The embedded DOCSIS modem provides real-time two-way communication between the DNP-39341 and the operational centre.

Rudy Zijlstra, CTO at Hitron Europe GmbH, commented: “With our Network Monitor, the operator can continuously monitor network quality, proactively react to any problems before they are highlighted by the customer, validate any customer complaints that come into the service centre and perform preventative maintenance when required.

The device then uses Simple Management Protocol (SMP) to enable it to be easily integrated into a management system.