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Thread: Xcam + Multivision update keys

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    Question Xcam + Multivision update keys

    Hi all,

    How can I update my Xcam 1.40 with Interface Cas 3 to get multivion. I have allways TPS but I never succeded to get Multi!

    I tried to update the keys from Block 14 but it doesn't work!

    I used also xcrypto 1.45 but still the same problem, tps ok but not multi!


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    Re: Xcam + Multivision update keys

    hi, the problem is multi changes their key nearly every day. try to use the 143
    this file has a kind of key regenerator. but i don`t know if still it has. and better often to upgrade the softcam on block14 , and the bin file on block2. before upgrading you have to erase (i think you know it, it`s for all who is reading this) the x-cam it must be in vergin mode.
    kind regards leeon

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    Re: Xcam + Multivision update keys

    Install the version xcrypto1.42 - not need to upgrade the softcam.key in blok 14 -

    You can enter with the remote control the key aes that changes every day
    go in the menu of the xcam/Edit keys/Viaccess/P-id 007c00 and change the key 01 (with the numbers décimals)
    The method is very practical but there is some freeze on multivisions.

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