Set-top technology company Pace

Set-top technology company Pace has won an order to develop the new HD PVR for Sky Deutschland, announced Pace already has a relationship with News Corp-backed Sky Deutschland, having been a supplier of the pay-TV broadcaster’s first HDTV receiver.

This new box is MPEG2 and MPEG4 compatible, and is equipped with an Ethernet connection, plus a high-capacity hard drive.

Gerry Duffy, SVP Technology at Sky Deutschland said: “Pace has been a vitally important partner in supporting our roll out of new HD services; the development of the PVR is testament to how well our close collaboration has worked. Pace’s robust, innovative and user-friendly set-top boxes have proven to be a hit with our customers. Their best-in-class technology will be invaluable in retaining our customers and allowing us to scale to future requirements."