Motorola joins forces with China Mobile to showcase exciting TD-LTE experience at Shanghai Expo

As a leading provider of TD-LTE technology, the Networks business of Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) is demonstrating end-to-end TD-LTE experiences at the Information and Communication Pavilion to support China Mobile Communications Corporation's (CMCC) presence at the Shanghai Expo.

Delegates will be able to experience the real-life performance of TD-LTE via USB dongles, including video streaming, remote monitoring, video stream session, high-speed Internet browsing and more.

Motorola's demonstration highlights include:

Simultaneous video streams: A single TD-LTE USB dongle can stream 24 simultaneous video streams while supporting very high-speed Internet browsing applications, at a total data rate of 20Mbps, demonstrating the true broadband performance of TD-LTE. A TD-LTE carrier in 20MHz can support transmission of a few hundred video streams simultaneously. In the near future, TD-LTE subscribers will then be able to access a collection of high-bandwidth and low-latency Internet applications including mobile TV, on-demand videos and video blogging anywhere.

TD-LTE demonstration vehicle: A two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle carrying a camera and a laptop showcases real-time TD-LTE performance on the move. Live video captured by the moving camera can be viewed on other laptops and the main screen within the demonstration area via a TD-LTE USB dongle. In addition, visitors will be able to set up a video stream session between the laptop on the vehicle and the laptops within the demonstration area. In the near future, TD-LTE subscribers will be able to receive and transmit data, access favorite content, collaborate or conduct business at a speed about 20 times faster than the current 3G network, as they move on high-speed railways at speeds of about 350km per hour.

"Motorola and China Mobile share the same commitment to accelerating TD-LTE commercialization and globalization," said Dr. Mohammad Akhtar, corporate vice president and general manager, Motorola Networks business in Asia Pacific. "We are very excited to support China Mobile in bringing the TD-LTE experience to Shanghai Expo. TD-LTE is now a commercial reality, making LTE a truly encompassing global technology standard."

These demonstrations showcase Motorola's third-generation OFDM-based products and a set of core networks running the latest specifications software and related application servers. Motorola's TD-LTE devices will receive and transmit over-the-air (OTA) data including high-definition video from and to the application servers, high-speed data from and to the application servers as well as from and to the Internet.

Motorola provides indoor TD-LTE network coverage for major pavilions at the Shanghai Expo including the Expo Center and the U.S. Pavilion as well as backup systems to other vendor solutions in other pavilions. To help operators build a healthy TD-LTE ecosystem, Motorola will also integrate and launch the TD-LTE USB dongle that supports 2.3GHz at the event.

Motorola is one of the few vendors in the industry that has expertise in, has committed to and is investing in FDD LTE and TD-LTE, as well as WiMAX. This leadership position builds on Motorola's more than 10 years of OFDM expertise and world-class R&D facilities devoted to TD-LTE development, including two R&D centers in China. Motorola's Wireless Broadband Access Solutions (WBAS) Hangzhou Center and the Wideband Base Transceiver System (WBTS) China Center have been working with Chinese operators for many years and can provide valuable insights that enable a prompt response to local needs.

Interest in TD-LTE continues to grow due to several key factors:

The tremendous growth of data use while mobile falling prices, more variety and improved ease of use in end user devices

Additional spectrum is necessary for serving more users

TDD spectrum traditionally auctioned for lower cost/radio frequency/population

Global and local roaming between FDD and TDD networks, allowing both networks to be used in the same geographic area

Dr. Akhtar added, "We see the growing interest in TD-LTE as the technology delivers increased capacity and a lower cost per bit. Motorola is the leader in TD-LTE through trials and engagements with various operators around the world. The selection by China Mobile today once again demonstrates the reliability and maturity of our TD-LTE solution."

Motorola's TD-LTE Expertise and Achievements

Motorola has gained significant experience and momentum in TD-LTE thanks to its OFDM experience, which was instrumental in the development and design of the TD-LTE 4Tx/8Rx solution. These engineering innovations resulted in one of the most efficient radios in the market allowing it to be compact enough to be installed and mounted on a tower. With more performance packed into a smaller unit, operators can get better performance out of the sites they deploy and may be able to use fewer sites, thereby lowering their total cost of ownership in less densely populated areas.

Motorola's ongoing advancements in TD-LTE include its recently announced company-wide initiatives for the U.S. Pavilion at Shanghai Expo, end-to-end TD-LTE demonstration via the world's first TD-LTE USB dongle and first OTA TD-LTE data session on a TD-LTE network in Shanghai. These achievements, plus being the first vendor that completed all radio frequency (RF) test cases in CMCC's TD-LTE trial including the ability to support the TD-LTE maximum data rate in 20MHz and successfully running multiple user devices, and conducting the world's first TD-LTE live drive demo at ITU Telecom 2009 in Geneva, are further demonstrations of Motorola's LTE expertise.

Motorola's Networks business delivers fully integrated and customizable media solutions enabling operators to offer personalized, rich media experiences to their subscribers. As a global wireless infrastructure leader, Motorola is committed to 4G with WiMAX and LTE solutions that provide a way for operators to profitably meet the ever-growing demand for mobile broadband today while giving 2G and 3G customers a future path as we continue to support their legacy networks. Motorola brings its services, fourth-generation OFDM platform and 25 years of wireless data systems innovation, experience and expertise to bear as operators wireline, wireless, cable and telco seek to evolve their networks for the future.
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