Sirius-XM tops 19m subs Written by Chris Forrester
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 10:37
Americans are again buying cars, and a total of 11.4m are now subscribing to Sirius-XM thanks to OEM units in new cars. Moreover, the recession seems to have faded and subs are up.

Total pay-radio subs now formally stand at 18,944,199 (as at March 31) with the quarter seeing growth again, up 171,441 which is a huge improvement on Q1/09 when 402,000 subs walked away. Sirius-XM says it expects a net gain this year of 500,000 subs.

The current picture, while good, is not a record ’high’ for Sirius-XM which happened at the tail end of 2008 when it reached 19m.

Sirius posted a first-quarter profit of $41.6m, compared to a year-ago loss of $238.8m