SES wraps ProtoStar-2 purchase Written by Chris Forrester
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 10:33
SES World Skies has wrapped up its purchase of ProtoStar-2 which had been owned by a bankrupt Asian operator. SES has renamed the satellite as SES-7, and the buy brings the total satellites in the SES fleet to 43.

SES was the successful bidder for ProtoStar II during a public auction held on December 16, 2009. The spacecraft, launched in May 2009, has been renamed SES-7, and will be redeployed to the orbital position of 108.2 degrees East to provide incremental capacity in South Asia and the Asia-Pacific region.

At 108.2 degrees East, SES-7 will be co-positioned with NSS-11, which is already home to a thriving neighbourhood. With two satellites at this same location, SES World Skies says it can offer in-orbit redundancy to customers whose networks require additional resilience. With its high-power Ku-band payload and switchable beams, SES-7 offers expansion capacity for a range of Direct-to-Home (DTH) and enterprise services across the Asia-Pacific region.

SES-7, built by Boeing, carries 22 physical Ku-band transponders as well as 10 S-band transponders. The S-band payload will be fully utilized by MCI Indovision, the market-leading DTH platform operator in Indonesia, which has an option to fully acquire the payload for the 15 year expected life of the satellite. SES World Skies is working with MCI on the transition of SES-7 from its current orbital location to 108.2 degrees East.

Following the successful launch of the SES-1 satellite on April 24, 2010, SES-7 will be the 43rd satellite in the global SES fleet.