Alfacam links with Abu Dhabi Media Co Written by Chris Forrester
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 10:29
Specialist outside broadcasting facilities company Alfacam has concluded a “significant commercial deal” with LIVE, the Abu Dhabi Media Company’s wholly-owned outside broadcast and production subsidiary.

The deal sees LIVE acquire an important number of brand new high-definition (HD) technology and equipment in order to advance its fleet of state-of-the-art OB and production vehicles.

“Our mandate is to provide the best tools to our industry peers so that they continue to employ the most advanced solutions in the market. Alfacam’s business strategy is built on servicing international events with HD broadcast equipment and OB vans. The sales of (new) OB vans and (new) equipment is another branch of our strategy. LIVE’s ability to anticipate industry developments and market demands clearly sets them apart. We are proud to have been able to build this strong relationship with LIVE in order to facilitate the acquisition. At the same time we are contributing to the new HD broadcasting standards in the Middle East,” says Gabriel Fehervari, CEO Alfacam.

“We are very pleased with the outstanding relationship we have established with our partner Alfacam. The equipment and services we have acquired fulfill our needs and protect our investment for many years to come. LIVE’s sustained investment in HD technology clearly shows its commitment to be at the forefront of HDTV production in the Middle East and becomes the partner of choice for the broadcast of international events,” continues Al Sheikh, CEO of LIVE.

“Since launching in August 2008, LIVE has brought the most exciting sports and cultural events of the region to millions of viewers globally and has been recognised as a pioneer in HD broadcasting and production, with unmatched technological capabilities in the Middle East. As the only company with a fleet of full HD OB vans in the region, and a team of well-trained and passionate professionals, LIVE looks set to become the largest company of its kind in the region,” said a statement.