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Thread: Font Magnifier [DM 800 DM 8000]

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    Font Magnifier [DM 800 DM 8000]

    Font Magnifier (V0.5.2b)

    This plugin allows you via a menu to modify the font sizes of different GUI elements.
    These are at the moment (version 0.5.2b):

    * epg from current television program (from 10..50 pixels)
    * Standby display: Date/time or only time (but "big")
    * Displaying current channel number in the display (from 40..90 pixels)
    * Single EPG: font size for current television program (from 10..40 pixels) (since version 0.0.2)
    * Single EPG: font size for single epg list (from 10..40 pixels) (since version 0.0.2)
    * channel list: font size for current television program (from 10..40 pixels) (since version 0.0.3)
    * channel list: font size for list entries (from 10..40 pixels) (since version 0.0.3)
    * subtitles: font size for each of teletext, regular, bold and italic (from 20..80 pixels) (since version 0.0.4)
    * movie list: font size for recorded files (from 10..40 pixels) (since version 0.1.0)
    * Displayoptions can be disabled (since version 0.5.0)
    * Multi-EPG: Font size for time/clock (10..40 pixel) (since version 0.5.0)
    * Infobar: event now and next event (10..30 pixel) (since version 0.5.0)
    * show/hide videotext options (since version 0.5.0)
    * "Please wait" window during system modifications (Thanks to AliAbdul) (since version 0.5.0)
    * Enigma 2-Restart question after system modifications (since version 0.5.0)
    * new plugin-icon (since version 0.5.0)

    (Displaying current channel number in the display depends on the service number renderer from AliAbdul (here). If the renderer is not installed, you won't have this option.) The plugin creates a backup of the current skin.xml, and before modifying it. After applying the settings, Enigma 2 has to be restarted.
    Since version 0.1.0 the plugin is able to restore the modified files (menu key).
    Since version 0.1.0 the problems with Gemini stone 2 modern should be solved.
    Since version 0.5.2 endless reboots due to deactivated lcd-optiones are solved (thanks to dr.key).
    Small improvement since 0.5.2 for service info for channel list: font size for current television program.
    Since version 0.5.2b IPK problems should be solved (Thanks to Bschaar and Spaeleus).
    Since version 0.5.2b the plugin includes an italian translation (Thanks to Spaeleus)
    Installation via file manager (now via an ipk file )

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