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Thread: Vx - 500a (vivax)

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    Unhappy Vx - 500a (vivax)

    Dear Friends,

    I know, this is an OLD receiver.
    VIVAX - 500A

    My problem is,
    Its having a Card reader, but i feel its not detecting by the receiver. I used so many method, but not working.

    My receiver is VX-500A but in System Information it showing as VX-400A.
    and also showing - Gold card not installed.

    Do have any idea about my matter.

    Because i red about this receiver and many places people said, it has the Key editing feature also. But nothing about in my Menu.

    bought this with so many bright ideas, but now i am :(.Please help me to sort out my problem. I


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    Unhappy Re: Vx - 500a (vivax)

    nobody helping me.. .

    At-least can sombody give me the manual for this product. :).

    please please help me.
    There should be some way to activate my Card reader. Otherwise why they install it to my machine.


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