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Thread: E-Mail Client for AZBox by daniel

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    E-Mail Client for AZBox by daniel

    Hello all AZBox users,

    I would like to introduce you to my new plugin for AZBox, an E-Mail client that provides
    enough functionalities to manage your e-mail accounts without the need of a computer
    or any other device.

    Version 1.0 features:
    - POP3
    - SMTP
    - Keyboard support
    - Support for most charsets
    - Support for TLS
    - Support for SASL
    - Detects some domains and configures them automatically (,,, and others)
    - Saves up to five accounts
    - Manual configuration of e-mail account
    - Reads Messages in plain text only (html and pictures not supported)
    - Possible to delete messages
    - Able to send messages
    - Other small features

    (c) Dan
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