PKT mod 9.5 Tideglo rev 0.9.5

version of the USB / SATA

IMAGE IPBOX / Enigma2 / 9.5_USB / 91/ 900/910/9000

release 0.9.5
- back to STLinux 2.2 because of some audio bugs on STLinux 2.3: when i will fix it, we will go again on stlinux 2.3
- added wmv file player
- added multi descrambling feature: i tested it only with incubusCamd 0.99 wich fully supports multidescrambling
for e2 (previous version don't work, and i don't know if other softcams works or not, just test them)
- fixed some memory crash on h264 channels
- fixed remote controller buttons with teletext activated
- fixed DVDPlayer crash
- DVDPlayer buttons are now better showed than before
- supported DTS audio on mkv files
- other MediaPlayer fixes
- updated greek language
- updated bulgarian language
- added samba (not started by default, you have to add it on the if you need it)
- added cp2101 external card reader drivers (load it in if you need it: /lib/modules/cp2101.ko)
- added ralink rt2870 wireless chipset drivers (load them in if you need it: /lib/modules/rt2870sta.ko)
- added Freesat EPG support
- by default the sci-ng driver (pacco's 1.4 version) is loaded at enigma2's boot: this is a temporary option, i built a
sc driver but still getting many memory errors, i don't know when it will be full ready
- update Enigma2 CVS to 02/05/2010
- enabled again PIP function, watching 2 channels on PIP will make slow live channels playing, so it does not work at 100%

Changes POINT

- New skin Silver
- Added new font to the Silver Skin - inspired by Ariel
- New InfoCenter
- Added support for the STOP button to stop recording - previously stopped the REC button.
- Update Picon
- Added support for the green button in the Video Player in Windows Media Center to change the image format
- Amendments resulting scripts include moving faster through the list of channels
- Added update from the server time
- Enabled readers and loading modules ntfs
- Change the reader module from 1.3 to 1.4
- Default mount sda2 to / hdd
- Added Russian translation
- HDTV Romania
- Other minor cosmetic fixes

Enjoy it! Tideglo