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Thread: OScam + Mgcamd for Vu+Duo

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    OScam + Mgcamd for Vu+Duo

    OScam + Mgcamd + 2 cards in readers

    Temporarily not working link to the file .. wait until a moderator approves and puts on the upload, then correct the link far as to write something on the CI and administration sends it @ ... unless some moderator quickly coming to grips with the file. 
    OScam Mgcamd + 2 + cards in readers. 
    Many people are looking for a description of how the card readers urochomić + "anything", I put the following description. 
    I personally tested all of the VTI VTI 0.9 and 1.0, and operate without any problems card numbers and TNK + "need". 
    You will need: 
    Preferably the latest version of VTI (personally I prefer "clean" versions of yourself and add-ons and such tested) 
    FTP program to communicate with the decoder - I recommend Total Commander. 
    My configuration files (ie me .... I will only pozmieniałem for my needs) DOWNLOAD 
    Here we go: 
    We read carefully and with understanding, we do everything slowly and carefully. No such attribute for a file may cause that nothing will work. Read more and PRECISELY. 
    Files are deliberately not in the catalog as "gotowiec" everything comes out in the description why. I assume from the soft decoder is already uploaded and Total Commander is installed. 
    If you have installed the dekodeze oscam or mgcamd to remove it 
    the panel VTI - VTI Cam Center is to be neither oscam or mgcamd, the best order was empty. 
    Attributes files in Total Commander is broadcast by selecting the file (directory) or a context menu and choose Files - Change attributes ... and run in the bottom left corner of the attribute in our case, the 755th 
    The whole is written into the system: 
    Upper CYFRA + card reader 
    Lower TNK card reader 
    Do you work a different layout, or vice versa, ie the other card I do not know but I have not tested in the configuration files are relevant entries to identify the CAID so it must be possible to change the following accordingly. 
    1st Extract files 
    2nd Open Total Commander and then connect to the decoder. 
    3rd We begin to copy 
    - 1 directory in / etc / tuxbox / config and is broadcast to all three files artybut 755 in Total Commander 
    - 2 to the directory / usr / bin and all, we give two artybut 755 files in Total Commander 
    - 3 to the directory / usr / keys, and all three files we give artybut 755 in Total Commander 
    - 4 to the directory / usr / script and give artybut 755 in Total Commander. If we do not have a script directory, and it also create an attribute we give the 755th 
    4th in / usr / keys file is, it sets us priority.list piorytety - now uses the first card C + TNK and then at the end of CP. 
    5th in / usr / keys file is newcamd.list edit it if necessary sharingu settings, with more than a "link" Add another line pattern (the correct zedytowaniu sharingu must remove the # before Komeda # CWS or CWS is a ..... is to be CWS) 
    6th If everything did go to the panel VTI - VTI Cam Center. Should appear there, our entry "OScam & Mgcamd V1.0 Artur79 to" run it. You should see an hourglass or what have you got there as an indication of busy and after a few seconds a message from Cam starts, otherwise we check if the location of files and their attributes. 
    7th If everything went correctly after a few seconds (up to 15 seconds) you will get the picture and everything will work as it should. 
    And so dobrneliśmy to the end. 
    As discussed earlier do not know how the other cards but in the event of problems please write to PM to help. 
    Let me know how you went. 
    At the end I wanted to thank all my thanks to the decoder works great. 
    Especially people without whom this description would have been no particularly 
    Thanks for your patience and curiosity. 
    Thx to Artur79
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