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Thread: new reciever

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    new reciever

    hi i am quite new to all this, i recently found out that my nokia mediamaster 9660s cannot take the dvb2000 firmware so i need to find myself a new one, whats a cheap and nice reciever thats popular with the hacker community... the dreambox is a bit too expensive, what do you think of star sats, theyr really cheap where i live < $100
    then i also found some software for it
    does anyone know what this software let me do? the Sr-x3100cu has embeded irdeto but i have a friend who can get all viaccess channels like multivision for free? hows that possible?

    thanks in advance

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    Re: new reciever

    dear sir

    I need latest update for hi-tech Z-1 or site for updating it.

    best regards

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