Three Argentine companies will produce 1,2 million STBs before year end

According to what sources from the Advising Council informed NexTV Latam, Coradir, Cometrans and UTE will manufacture 1,2 million ISB set-top-boxes to be distributed free-of-charge by the Argentine Government before year end. The Government ordered Coradir about 500,000 devices that must be ready before the South African Soccer World Cup 2010 to be held in next June. So far, the company only has 1,200 STBs, which are being commercialized at USD 179, and records a productive capacity of 20,000 devices per week. Due to timing reasons, the first 200,000 decoders will not be manufactured in the country; therefore, they will be imported from China and the software will be added in its factory in San Juan.

Coradir, one of the companies that chose INVAP after the provider selection request, will be in charge of the integration, assembling, software and distribution; its partner, Novatech, will be responsible for electronic tasks; Tarvini will be supply plates; Codesil will provide wires and Quais will supply packing boxes. The idea is to place one of Novatech's production lines in Coradir so as to achieve the weekly production quota.

INVAP also chose UTE (Unión Transitoria de Empresas), though no purchase order has been signed yet and manufacturing tasks have not started yet. Sources of the company explained to this media that nothing has been closed yet: "we are still negotiating the order", they assured. The Advising Council rejected such declarations and assured that although there is no formal order, the agreement is a fact. UTE, which is made up by Zoitron (hardware), Electronics TRV (assembling), Microtol (software) and Inarci (printing circuit, records a monthly manufacturing capacity of 50,000 STBs. "Our design is the only one integrally developed in Argentina ", they assured. Cometrans, owned by the transport entrepreneur Claudio Cirigliano, is the third chosen manufacturing company.