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Thread: New receivers for Ukrainian platform

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    New receivers for Ukrainian platform

    New receivers for Ukrainian platform

    By Chris Dziadul

    The Ukrainian DTH platform MYtv has announced the introduction of a new generation of satellite receivers.

    Named MYtv HDMAX and MYtvHDBOX, both allow for the reception of interactive TV and PPV, with the former also providing push VOD.

    MYtv, which is backed by Israeli interests, made its debut in January 2010. Distributed by Thor 6 at one degree West, it employs XTV technology, MediaHighway middleware and VideoGuard conditional access supplied by n.ds.

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    Re: New receivers for Ukrainian platform

    In Ukraine banned erotic channels.
    National Council extends the list of non-adaptation of foreign television channels.

    National Council on Broadcasting gradually expanding the list of foreign channels that do not need to adapt and be broadcast on the territory of our country. However, yesterday the regulator is actually banned in Ukraine two broadcast erotic thematic channels - Adult Chanel and Spice. Cable generally declare the illegality of the requirements for adaptation.

    At a meeting May 12 The National Council decided to expand the list of "white" foreign TV channels, that is, those that can be broadcast over cable networks and satellite platforms. Of the 7 added to the list of channels 5 - Russia ("365 days", "FAQ", "Evrokino", "Pets" and "Psychology 21") and 2 - UK (SyFy Universal and Universal Channel).

    At the same time from the list of non-adapting channel regulator ruled the Netherlands and the UK's Channel Spice Adult Chanel: Both channel are erotic, and still present in the domestic cable networks without any restrictions. In the National Council denied that the ban could be "the beginning of a witch-hunt" in the face of channels of erotic orientation. Official reason was much simpler, as she, however, and is supposed to be: According to the Deputy National Council Oksana Golovatenko "regulatory authority has not received documents on the right of retransmission in Ukraine".

    Whatever was permitted to show in our country erotic channels after yesterday's decision has left almost no control. On the one hand, it explains the media expert Alexander Glushchenko, "to work in the territory of neighboring States first must show a desire to directly own channel, not cable operators." That is, if foreign broadcasters have not provided any evidence of rights or consent to relay, then they themselves are guilty of that are not present in a given market. On the other - "if the channel bought the rights to your content on the territory of Ukraine, license cleared and meets with Ukrainian legislation, it has the full right to rebroadcast on cable networks," - explains Mr. Glushchenko. And no imaginary lists the National Council in this case is not a legitimate barrier to the spread of this channel in Ukraine.

    In general, the total number of foreign channels that do not need to be adapted, has already reached 117. But the very practice I like lists, according to market participants cable television, is illegal. According to a board member of the Union of cable television in Ukraine Gennady Hazan, "The term" adaptation "Nowhere in the law is not written, that is, is nothing more than an artificial tool, introduced by government officials specifically to control the programming policy of cable TV operators.

    The former management National Council (until February 2010) explained the need for this list as a norm, ensuring compliance with all foreign broadcasters norms of the Ukrainian law. "Update" regulator initially recognized this illegal (at least, Mrs. Golovatenko stated that "all these lists contradict the European Convention"), and later, as we see, a few decided to expand the list, but not to refuse such a convenient manipulator arm.

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