Sky Deutschland deeper in the red

Jörn Krieger | 12-05-2010

German pay-TV operator Sky Deutschland managed to increase its subscriber number in the first quarter of 2010 by only 1,000 new customers to a total of 2.47 million subscribers. What is growing much stronger, however, is the company’s loss figure.

While revenues climbed slightly, from Q1 2009’s €232.7m to €234.7m, Sky dropped deeper into the red. The Q1 2010 loss amounted to €97m compared with €80m in Q1 2009.

Looking on the bright side, at least Sky’s decline in subscriber numbers was reversed this year, as in Q1 2009 Sky lost 28,000 customers. Some other good news: The new package and pricing structure are leading to higher average revenues per customer (ARPU), increasing to €28.85 compared with €24.85 in Q1 2009.

Through the expansion of its HDTV offer by three channels in August and technical innovations such as HD PVR 3+, secondary subscription option Sky Multiroom and mobile applications for the iPad and iPhone, Sky wants to get onto a stronger growth path in the coming months. Also, further collaborations with cable operators are planned to bundle Sky subscriptions with internet and telephony offers into triple play packages.

“Much has been achieved in the first nine months since the launch of Sky, but there is still much to do,” CEO Brian Sullivan said in Munich. “These new innovations are the next step to add value to our proposition, satisfaction to our customers and further differentiate Sky as the best choice for entertainment in Germany and Austria.”