Changes to Easter Image

+ PowerLED brightness control on VFD-brightness adjustable
+ PowerLED in Softstandby from
+ Card reader SoftCam Panel activated (config below S02 top HD +)
+ Support for thumbnails in IPKs (extensions, plug-in browser)
+ Advanced EPG settings in the AAF Panel
+ Support for decryption with second Tuner
+ MC Filelistsortierung audio / video player
MC + Audio player with latest title in the Screen Saver
+ Update for Python files over 2GB
+ Advanced Parental Control
+ Adjustable recording splitting in the AAF Panel
+ FTP server by allowing FXP / SSL connections directly
+ Ftpfs allow SSL connections to the proxy with glftpd
+ Expansion of the Blue *** Actions

+ Fix avi / fastforward memory leaks in libeplayer2
+ Tuxtext fix
Srt subtitles + detection improved
+ Host-file-splitting
+ Possibility to decode multiple channels on different transponders simultaneously
+ SHM support
+ Activated Unicable (single cable) Support
+ Buffer increases for Stream Proxy
+ SlowMotion
+ Rewind

GIT Changelog

Please note also:

- After setting up and installing the null modem cable
Pull off the receiver. Cable with plug
boots, the receiver only when the PC is on.

- For audio over HDMI in the A / V settings
SPDIF specify an audio source

Thanks to Team Ducktales and all that in SH4 Duckbox project
at great base image involved. And of course, all this
Image will allow and have been tested.