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Thread: DreamBoxEdit-IHAD Edition

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    DreamBoxEdit-IHAD Edition


    Having now tried unsuccessfully for months a developer of the Source Forge project for the Dreambox settings editor DreamBoxEdit have reached, I decided to make some changes themselves.
    The project apparently no one seems to care more about there ...

    What was fixed in since version
    - The display of the FEC in the editor and main window has been the missing values for extended FEC DVB-S2.
    - The editor now works again satellites.xml
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    Re: DreamBoxEdit-IHAD Edition

    DreamBoxEdit-IHAD Edition

    - fixed userbouquets with renamed services are now written in proper settings-type 4 format
    - fixed problem when saving cable or terrestrial settings (some parameters were lost)
    - language files updated
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