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11:00Girls! Girls! Girls!
A tuna fisherman with an eye for the ladies is faced with the age-old dilemma as he tries to decide which lucky girl deserves his attentions. However, he is distracted from the pursuit of pleasure when his jealous rival ensures he loses his boat. Musical, starring Elvis Presley, Stella Stevens, Laurel Goodwin and Jeremy Slate. Songs featured include Return to SenderFilm/Musical

13:00Anna and the King[SUB]
A widowed English schoolteacher is hired to tutor one of the King of Siam's sons, only to discover he actually expects her to care for all 58 of his children. After a series of disagreements with her royal employer, she gradually develops a deep platonic love for him. Period drama, starring Jodie Foster, Chow Yun-Fat, Ling Bai, Syed Alwi and Tom FeltonFilm/General Movie/Drama

16:00Ice Station Zebra[SUB]
An American atomic submarine commander races against time to reach a Soviet spy satellite which has crash-landed near a British research station in the Arctic - before Russian troops arrive to stake their claim to it. Adventure based on Alistair MacLean's novel, starring Rock Hudson, Ernest Borgnine, Jim Brown, Tony Bill and Patrick McGoohanFilm/Adventure/War

19:00The Family Stone[SUB AD]
A New York career woman struggles to make the right impression on her bohemian future in-laws when they meet her during Christmas. She decides to call on her younger sister for some advice and support, but matters take a turn for the worse when her fiance becomes besotted by the gorgeous girl. Comedy drama, with Sarah Jessica Parker, Dermot Mulroney, Diane Keaton, Craig T Nelson and Claire DanesFilm/Comedy

21:00Alfie[SUB AD]
A smooth-talking chauffeur employs his natural charm to enjoy a string of casual liaisons with a host of different women - but as he tires of his bed-hopping antics, he struggles to work out what is missing from his life. Comedy drama remake, starring Jude Law, Sienna Miller, Susan Sarandon and Marisa TomeiFilm/General Movie/Drama

23:05The Edukators
Anti-capitalist protesters Jan and Peter come up with a novel way to spread their message - by breaking into the homes of wealthy locals and rearranging their furniture. When Peter's girlfriend is involved in a car accident, they decide to target the wealthy driver involved - but their peaceful campaign turns more sinister when the intended victim is waiting for them. German political drama, starring Daniel Bruhl, Stipe Erceg, Julia Jentsch and Burghart KlaussnerFilm/General Movie/Drama

01:40Raising Victor Vargas[SUB]
A teenage New Yorker from the city's Lower East Side has his image as a ladies' man destroyed by gossip, so he sets out to rebuild his reputation by seducing the most popular girl in his neighbourhood - with a little help from her brother. Drama, featuring a non-professional cast, including Victor Rasuk, Judy Marte, Krystal Rodriguez and Melonie DiazFilm/General Movie/Drama