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Thread: EPGImport files for Sky UK (Gigant Image)

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    EPGImport files for Sky UK (Gigant Image)

    EPGImport files for Sky UK (Gigant Image)

    i had problems getting EPGImport on the Gigant Image to download data for some channels on 28.2 SKY UK (eg ITV1 HD), so i modified my own files to get it to download the data, and i thought i would share these with you.
    to install just unzip the file and FTP the files into the corresponding location onto the flash on the Vu+Duo. (/etc/epgimport)
    now all (hopefully) channels will get data downloaded everyday it it should. (dont forget to enable the daily schedule)
    if you find channels not working as they should please let me know and i will see if i can fix them
    Gracias a andyblac
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