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Thread: Problem with DM500s please help

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    Question Problem with DM500s please help

    I have had this box up and running for about a year and this is the 1st time i've had this problem, the problem is when i 1st switch on my box. The GP comes on, it starts the CCcam, but then it asks me language, so i choose English. Then it asks me 2 set my time zone, after i do that it says moving dish to 16 degrees, and then i can't do anything and the screen sticks on 'moving dish to 16 degrees', i can't even access it through DCC at this point. I can access the box through DCC before i choose the language though so i can do things to it but i don't know what things to do. Please help

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    Re: Problem with DM500s please help

    Could be a software problem.. i suppose you would find a newer image to boot too allready. Which is good.. ;)

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    Re: Problem with DM500s please help

    Thanks for the suggestion. I did rebbot with the same image (Nabilo darkstarII) and with Gemini, and none of the images solved the problem! I'm still stuck with "rebooting the dreambox every time I change to a scrambled channel"

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