Peter Pan Neverland Networkfix Xline CCcam 2.1.4 Turkish Original Mod by toddler 16.05.2010

- Time does not bomb.
- XLink been used for the skin. Skin on skin ayarlarında Basic XLink can be selected.
- CCcam 2.1.4 CCcam Info and It has been integrated into the image.
- 4 satellite was added to our current Satellites.xml file. (Turksat, Hotbird, Eutelsat, Astra)
- Channel list, look at the help key can be changed with the channel list.
- İmajda İngilizce Turkish and there are language options.
- What time zone is GMT +2, respectively Turksat Turkish language and DiSEqC settings, Astra, Hotbird and Eutelsat as ayarlıdır. After you change if different settings have found.
- The previous version used in the Amiga called Planet high-resolution images instead of opening image used.
- 84% boştur the memory.

Note: Turkish language file thanks for the asiBenlik'e.

A very fast imajdır. Does not differ from the normal channels geçişlerinden especially geçişlerinin encrypted channel.
Thx toddler

Peter Pan Neverland Networkfix Xline